Jake's 58: No indication systems were breached during 'cybersecurity event'

If cybercriminals gained access to Everi’s systems, they could potentially access the database at Jake’s 58.

Rachel Yonkunas

Oct 20, 2023, 4:17 PM

Updated 185 days ago


Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel maintains that there is no indication its systems were breached during a "cybersecurity event," but experts say there are several things that could be at risk.
Jake’s 58 leases slot machines from the New York State Gaming Commission, and the company Everi is the state’s licensed operator for its video gaming system.
Experts say it means Everi has access to the information collected on the gaming machines at Jake’s 58.
If cybercriminals gained access to Everi’s systems, they could potentially access the database at Jake’s 58.
A gaming official tells News 12 it could impact personal information found on player reward cards. That could include names, addresses and birth dates. News 12 has been told there is no indication that this happened.
Cybersecurity analyst and former Deputy Secretary for Public Safety Mike Balboni says hackers are mainly after banking information, investment vehicles and health records. He urges those who have been to Jake’s 58 to pay attention to their accounts.
Jake’s 58 shut down the gaming floor as a precaution because of the potential risk.
A representative says that their systems that collect driver’s license or credit card numbers outside of the gaming floor is not connected to Everi and is not at risk.
Statement from Everi:
On the morning of October 17, 2023, two locations connected to the New York Video Lottery (“NY VLT”) central determinant system managed by Everi Games Inc. were interrupted by a cyber security event.   The interruption was limited to the two NY VLT locations, and at this time, all NY VLT locations are operating on a normal schedule.  Everi acted swiftly to mitigate any impact and continues to work with the New York State Gaming Commission to investigate, contain and remedy the interruption.  Everi has deployed independent expert cyber security consultants to conduct a complete forensic analysis of the event.
The integrity of the Everi systems and safeguarding of customer data is Everi’s highest priority.  The service interruption did not impact the availability of Everi’s financial access services, FinTech customer equipment, including ATMs & full-service kiosks, Compliance and Loyalty services and equipment at these VLT locations.  We will continue to take appropriate measures to safeguard the integrity of our information technology infrastructure, data and customer information.

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