'It could kill him': Long Islanders react to federal court rejecting challenge to NY vaccination law

A federal court decision provides no immunity for those who don't want to vaccinate their children.
A federal judge denied a request by parents of children with disabilities to suspend New York state's new law requiring all children to get vaccinated in order to go to school in a couple of weeks.
Kerry Zask, of Center Moriches, says she gave in to pressure and allowed her son to get vaccinated against her religious beliefs. She says he had serious reactions to the vaccines.
"I have a new doctor who said to me he cannot receive vaccinations," Zask says. "It could kill him."
John Gilmore with the Autism Action Network says the state's new law requiring vaccinations in order to go to school violates federal law.
Dr. Eve Krief with the American Academy of Pediatrics says vaccines are safe, but adds there are medical exemptions allowed.