Islip issues 4 court appearance tickets to Sloth Encounters over failure to comply with town codes

Sloth Encounters manager Larry Wallach tells News 12 the animals are well cared for, and all the permits are in place.

News 12 Staff

Aug 31, 2022, 4:35 PM

Updated 599 days ago


The owner of Sloth Encounters in Hauppauge is facing new legal trouble.
The Town of Islip has slapped the animal adventure facility with several tickets for allegedly failing to comply with town codes.
According to the Town of Islip, Sloth Encounters has been slapped with several court appearance tickets that include occupancy of a building without fire marshal approval, prohibited use in a business zone, change of use and possession of wild animals.
Additionally, the town confirms similar appearance tickets were issued to the property owner.
"When he heard about it, we went in there and the fire marshal wrote a notice of violation," says town of Islip Supervisor Angie Carpenter.
Sloth Encounters manager Larry Wallach tells News 12 the animals are well cared for, and all the permits are in place.  However, John Di Leonardo, of Humane Long Island, disagrees and is asking the Town of Islip to move quickly to shut down the establishment.
"Sloths are nocturnal sensitive creatures that belong in the wild not in a ramshackle petting zoo on display 24/7," says Di Leonardo
The owners of Sloth Encounters are due in court Sept. 14.
Humane Long Island plans on protesting at Islip Town Hall on Sept. 13 to urge the town to expedite the closure of Sloth Encounters.

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