Islanders, Flyers gear up for game two of playoff series

The Islanders take the ice again today in a playoff matinee against the Flyers.
The Islanders aren't just hoping to beat the Flyers tonight, they're also trying to make head coach Barry Trotz happy.

Despite a dominating 4-0 win in game one of the series, Trotz said he didn't care for the Isles performance.
The Isles goalie Semyon Varlomov picked up his second straight shutout and as long he doesn't give up a goal in the first 39 seconds tonight, he'll break the team record for longest shutout streak in the playoffs.
Varlomov’s gone 136 minutes without giving up a goal. 
“He's made big saves in key times.  That's the key to goaltending.  You look at the some of the great goalies in MHL its not necessarily the numbers and things like that its can you make the save at the key time. That allows you to win,” says Trotz.
No matter what happens tonight the Isles can't dwell on it, they're right back on the ice Thursday for game three.