Island Vote: Glen Cove mayor faces former mayor in upcoming election

The mayor of Glen Cove is facing a familiar face this upcoming Election Day -- the city's former mayor.
Current Glen Cove Mayor Tim Tenke is running against former two-term Mayor Reggie Spinello.
Spinello, who is running on the Republican line, is pointing to his record before Tenke took office of digging the city out of a financial crisis and ushering in new development.
"When I was mayor, I inherited quite a large deficit -- probably close to $5 million. I turned that into a surplus of almost $3 million," said Spinello.
Democrat Tenke says Spinello relied on one-shot revenue deals and selling off assets. He says that surplus has run out and only his fiscal management will lead the city forward.
"We have to live within our means here so we'll have two budgets that I have prepared that are balanced budgets that are good for Glen Cove," said Tenke.
In the last election, Tenke beat out then-Mayor Spinello by just three votes. Because of that, some Glen Cove residents believe a lot more people may turn out to vote this year.
Tenke is facing harassment allegations from two city employees. He has denied the allegations. Spinello calls the recent claims troubling.
Voters will head to the polls on Nov. 5.