Isaias wreaks havoc on neighborhoods, residents continue the cleanup

Some residents say the damage they got during Isaias was worse than Superstorm Sandy, and it could take a long time to clean everything up.
In Plainview, News 12 cameras captured siding that had fallen off of a house. A big limb also came down on Netto Lane, blocking the road.
VIDEO: Wires down, on fire in Port Jefferson Station (Video shot by Colleen Harrington)
Meanwhile, there is a lot of frustration in the West Hills section of Huntington. Residents say the tree damage makes it hard to get in and out of their neighborhoods.
Many state parks and beaches had to close down on Wednesday because of problems from the storm.
However, Robert Moses was able to reopen Wednesday afternoon and Jones Beach will be open today, but the bathrooms will be closed and only porta-potties will be available.