Get an exclusive look inside the Jones Beach Tower as it celebrates a major milestone

The Jones Beach Pencil is celebrating a milestone this year. And News 12's Greg Cannella got an exclusive look inside the Jones Beach Tower!
Some call it the Pencil in the Sky or a Needle in the Sky – but whatever you call it, if you ever visited Jones Beach, you’ve definitely seen it – the Jones Beach Pencil.
The water tower is celebrating a major milestone this year. And while the tower is off limits to the public, News 12’s Greg Cannella got an exclusive look inside.
Watch as Cannella takes the climb up the tower.
The tower, which has been around for almost 90 years, is more than just an iconic structure.
“Others believe it’s just a landmark, and not a functioning water tower,” says George Gorman, regional director of New York State Parks.
Inside the tower is a full steel cylinder water tank, that stands at 231 feet tall and 25 feet wide.
Work crew members who do make the climb to inspect and maintain the tower get a spectacular view at the top. It’s nearly 200 steps to climb up the tower. And the water tank inside supplies 315,000 gallons of fresh water throughout the entire park, including Jones Beach theater, the pool and splash pad.
And “the lights that are on the exterior of the tower that are red … alert aircraft that they have a structure up ahead,” says Gorman.
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