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'If it's criminal, we want to know.' Oceanside couple demands answers into car crash that destroyed home

Franco and Regina Visone say police have done little to get to the bottom of what caused the driver of the Mercedes to crash.

News 12 Staff

Jun 24, 2023, 9:32 PM

Updated 332 days ago


An Oceanside couple who lost their home and nearly their lives when a speeding car careened into their house say they want answers about the crash.
Franco and Regina Visone say police are not doing enough to investigate the case.
"This car, when you look at the video footage, was coming down like a rocket and had the potential to really destroy people's lives," said homeowner Franco Visone.
Three days after a car barreled into his house and nearly killed his family, Visone's shock has turned into frustration. The mangled car was still upside down in the yard on Saturday morning. Visone is still searching for answers.
"I don't have any answers. I don't have any information," he said.
The Visones said police have done little to nothing to get to the bottom of what cause the driver of the Mercedes to crash or hold anyone accountable.
"We contacted police, but they said they couldn't go through the car – that there was no investigation taking place about the incident," Franco Visone said.
The crash late Wednesday night on Harvey Avenue was captured on a neighbor's Ring doorbell video. Police say a man lost control of his Mercedes Benz, struck a utility pole, careened into two houses and a car in a driveway before it flipped over.
The 45-year-old driver and his 37-year-old passenger were pinned in the car. They were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.
"There was marijuana exposed in the vehicle. It was in plain sight. We're not allowed to know why they didn't do toxicology. We're not allowed to know if they conducted a breathalyzer," Regina Visone said.
News 12 Long Island called Nassau police about Visone's concerns. A Nassau public information officer said the case is under investigation but there were no new updates as of Saturday evening.
Shortly afterwards, Nassau police, Town of Hempstead workers and a tow truck came to remove the Mercedes from the home.
"It's very peculiar timing. There was no interest in exploring or removing the vehicle prior," Regina Visone said. "We were told it was unsafe for the police to access the property, we were told the buildings' department were not allowing them to remove the vehicle."
But by Saturday 2:30 p.m., the car that destroyed two homes was gone. Now the Visones said they fear they will get never the answers or justice they deserve.
"If it's criminal, we want to know. If it's medical, revoke the license. We need to know there's one less person who can kill and destroy homes out there any day of the week," Regina Visone said.

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