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"I really have no fear of nothing breathing" - Woman who climbed into Bronx Zoo lion's den identified

The woman captured on camera in a shocking standoff with a lion at the Bronx Zoo has now been identified on Instagram.

News 12 Staff

Oct 2, 2019, 9:52 PM

Updated 1,721 days ago


The woman captured on camera in a shocking standoff with a lion at the Bronx Zoo has now been identified on Instagram.
The woman was filmed in the lion exhibit over the weekend and doesn't seem to be shy about letting the world know what she did.
Several more videos have surfaced on another Instagram account now racking up thousands of views. In the video, you can see the woman climbing over a barrier to enter the lion's enclosure on Saturday.
The woman goes by the name Myáh Lareé Israelite on the Instagram account QUEENEMPRESS__MYAHLARE .
In the videos, the woman can be heard saying she wanted to get closer to the king of the jungle. The caption on the post says "I really have no fear of nothing breathing."
"I mean this is ridiculous. You walk around, it's a little fence. She basically stepped over a little fence. It's the moat that protects from the lion right?," said zoo visitor Alexander Hirka.
Apparently the lion exhibit is not the only one the trespasser breached. The Instagram account also shows her interacting with giraffes and a peacock.
The trespasser can be heard telling the animals she loves them. News 12 spoke with zoo visitors who said this was nothing more than a plea for social media attention.
The Bronx Zoo has called this a serious violation and an unlawful trespass.
A Twitter account named after a snake that went missing at the zoo poked some fun at the trespasser writing, "Lucky for her, Carl is such a chill cat."
A former friend of the woman, Eunice, says the woman is originally from Chicago. Eunice says she has lived with her on and off for a few years.
"The Myah I know is a very nice person. In the last two years when I see her she was a little disheveled she was not the person that I knew her. My daughter took her to the hospital because she wasn't acting right," said Eunice.
News 12 messaged the account that appears to belong to the trespasser but has not heard back.
Police say the investigation is ongoing and there have been no arrests at this time.

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