Huntington residents concerned over new cellphone towers

Some residents in Huntington say they are concerned after new cellphone towers were installed on their block.
According to neighbors, they went to work one day and when they came home, several of the cellphone repeaters appeared in the neighborhood.
Debbie Persampire says she was told the equipment is compliant with the Federal Communications Commission, but it does not give her comfort since the safety regulations are from 1996.
Residents tell News 12 they are upset and should have received notice from the town about the repeaters being placed in the area.
However, town officials say they cannot stop the repeaters from being installed because federal law determines the need and location for them, but they did tell the company installing them to give residents advance warning.
News 12 reached out to both the Texas-based company that installed the towers and the FCC for comment, but did not hear back from either.