High demand, lack of materials contributes to delayed pool installations

Contractors say there is rising demand for pool installations driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Christopher Lombardo, of All Star Pools, says people are “trying to create a little oasis in their own backyards” since it might be harder to hit the town pool.
Lombardo and other contractors say the high demand along with construction permits tied up at local governments means completion times have gone from a month to now several months. Still, the calls keep coming in.
“Every single day, we get between 10-15 inquiries about new pools,” says Chris Moustouka, of J.B. Pools. “They all want the same thing. They want it done yesterday.”
Tyler Vaykovich, of West Hempstead, says the pool he planned for in March still hasn’t broken ground.
“The weather is already super warm. We’re just sitting out in the sun for the last few weeks wishing we had a pool,” he says.
Pool contractors say the companies that manufacture the raw materials for pools are getting delayed and contributing to the longer wait times.