Heat turned back on at Sunshine Residence in Freeport

Heat turned back on at Sunshine Residence in Freeport

The heat was turned back on at a Nassau County homeless shelter Wednesday, after residents complained of frigid overnight temperatures.

Residents say there was no heat at the Sunshine Residence on Atlantic Avenue because the home's executive director didn't call for a heating oil delivery to the shelter.

A photo taken by a resident inside the shelter shows the thermostat reading 50 degrees.

Residents also say the fire alarms, electric and plumbing systems don't work. They say the money the shelter receives from the state is not being spent properly.

Heating oil was delivered Wednesday afternoon.

The Department of Social Services says a representative visited the shelter today and everything is fine.

News 12 contacted LeVada Felder, the shelter's executive director, but she had no comment.

The residents say the Freeport fire marshal has given Felder five days to bring the shelter up to code, or he'll shut it down.