Health officials: Start of college classes possible cause for rise in Nassau County coronavirus cases

Nassau County health officials say the reopening of colleges may be responsible for an uptick in coronavirus cases.
According to Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, a third of 107 new cases reported Friday were college-aged people. On Saturday, 78 new cases were reported in Nassau and 58 in Suffolk.
Long Island is just over a 1% coronavirus infection rate.
Curran says 111 students from Nassau County have contracted the coronavirus while attending college outside the county. She says that due to their home address being in Nassau County, their counted as a county case even if they're quarantining outside of the area.
Curran says there is robust testing of students at nearby colleges and universities.
SUNY Oneonta was recently forced to shut down a little over a week after classes began when more than 500 students tested positive for the virus.
Hicksville father Ken Vicino says his daughter was infected at SUNY Oneonta and that the school didn't do a good job managing the incident.
Michael Fellin, of West Hempstead, tells News 12 that some of his peers at St. John's University have been ignoring the COVID-19 threat altogether and have held parties.
Adelphi University spokesperson Kristen Capezza says the school has had no positive cases so far, and that students with coronavirus would be immediately isolated and those exposed would be quarantined.
Fellin says for colleges to shut down altogether is too drastic.