Health experts warn against Super Bowl gatherings amid pandemic

With COVID-19 rates high and people gathering potentially without masks indoors - there's concern about people getting infected even with vaccine rates increasing and testing.

News 12 Staff

Feb 4, 2021, 11:19 PM

Updated 1,260 days ago


Health experts are worried Sunday's Super Bowl could turn into a super spreader event – with the White House asking everyone to lay low and watch the game at home.
The Super Bowl is typically a big party day when people gather in homes or bars to watch the game. But with the pandemic, many are scaling back those plans.
The National Retail Federation estimates 186.6 million people plan to watch the game, but only 28% say they'll throw or attend a party, or even watch the game at a bar.
It's a low number for such a big event, but it's still too high for some medical professionals.
"We want to continue to take steps forward and not backwards," says Dr. Matthew Harris, of Northwell Health.
Doctors worry that even small gatherings with people who aren't related with cheering, eating and drinking indoors without masks could cause a spike in infections. New York state officials call it "living room spread."
At Wings Over Farmingdale, Super Bowl food orders are higher now than last year. Aaron Mays says the vast majority are for a large party-size platter.
"It's weird because people shouldn't be gathering as much as they are right now," says Mays.
To watch safely, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends hosting a virtual Super Bowl watch party or having group texts to chat about the game.
And if you must gather, the CDC says to have it outdoors with a video projector and to sit 6 feet apart.

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