Hardware store to replace Glen Cove King Kullen; only 1 supermarket remains in the area

The King Kullen in Glen Cove is being replaced by a hardware store.

News 12 Staff

Jul 19, 2022, 2:35 AM

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The King Kullen in Glen Cove is being replaced by a hardware store.
Glen Cove resident Mike Martino says he is disappointed the King Kullen on Forest Avenue will not be replaced by another grocery store when it closes July 28.
"Trade Joe's would be nice, Uncle Giuseppe's would be nice, someone who gives some sort of competition to Stop & Shop," Martino says.
The building will become a Brinkmann's Hardware - making Stop & Shop the only food store left in the area.
State Sen. Anna Kaplan says she will welcome the family-owned chain in Sayville into the community but says the neighborhood needs more grocery stores - especially for seniors who have trouble getting around.
"There is a need for a second supermarket," Kaplan says. "We want to make sure the residents have the opportunity to shop for groceries and produce and to have options."
Amazon Fresh had considered the location but recently backed out because of concerns over the layout.
Brinkmann's Hardware co-owner Hank Brinkmann tells News 12 that the new location will satisfy a different need in the community.
"The big boxes are down on Jericho Turnpike - Home Depot, Lowe's - they're over a half hour away," Brinkmann says. "So, somebody would have to spend an hour in the car to source a lot of the products we will be offering to the area."
Brinkmann says they hope to open during the first quarter of next year.

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