Greenburgh calls for “FEMA Angels” to help senior with Ida recovery

Seniors in Greenburgh hit hard by the storm are getting some much-needed help to navigate through the recovery process from "FEMA Angels."
Town Supervisor Paul Feiner is asking the public to help older residents register for federal aid through a group he's calling "FEMA Angels."
Many people lost or had damage to property, cars, furniture, boilers, heat, air conditioners, etc. - adding up to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.
President Joe Biden declared Greenburgh a disaster area, making residents in the area eligible for federal financial help from FEMA.  But the process can be difficult for older residents who may not have computers and find the process overwhelming - that's where the FEMA Angels come in to help make the process a little easier.
They will reach out to Greenburgh seniors and provide help to any older adult who needs to navigate the FEMA application process. 
"My mother, her and technology do not mix, so actually having someone come and help would be greatly appreciated," says Freddy Pino, Greenburgh flood victim.
Feiner says FEMA Angels will help seniors organize records and submit applications to FEMA, as well as follow up if necessary. "People are volunteering and do some reach out and let people know that will work with them and will stick with them until they get the maximum help that they could get from FEMA," says Feiner.
FEMA Angels will then provide the town supervisor and other officials feedback on the experiences seniors are having with getting reimbursed. They'll also be making recommendations as to what the federal government can do to make the application process more helpful.
If you're looking to help older adults out and become a FEMA Angel, click here.