Gov. Cuomo: Vaccines will be directly allocated to NY colleges, universities

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that vaccination allocations will go directly to colleges and universities in order to make in-person learning safer.
Cuomo's announcement comes as New York expands its eligibility for the vaccine to all people 16 and older.
"Makes all the sense in the world," says Cuomo. "We have the staff at the school. We have the students at the school. Let's vaccinate them at school."
Cuomo says the state is pushing to get all students vaccinated by the end of the school year. SUNY schools will be receiving an allotment of the vaccine to help.
Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone says these college students can deliver a positive message to younger people saying how important it is to get the vaccine.
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"This will be the thing that ultimately allows us to say that we have defeated the virus," says Bellone.
Cuomo says SUNY will receive an initial 21,000 vaccines for residential and non-commuter students. Private colleges will receive 14,000 doses.