Gov. Cuomo to keep New York on 'pause' until at least May 15

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says New York, in coordination with other states, will remain on pause until at least May 15 to lessen the infection rate of the coronavirus.
He says that the actions of New Yorkers so far have slowed the infection rate, but not enough to reopen the economy.
Instead, the governor invited workers in the public sector to “re-imagine the workplace” to meet social distancing guidelines.
Gov. Cuomo says there were 2,000 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday, but that the overall rate of hospitalizations continues to drop. He announced that 606 New York residents died from the virus on Wednesday.
According to the governor, the state met its goal of testing 500,000 New Yorkers in 30 days – more than California, Florida and Michigan combined. He continued to urge the federal government to focus on large-scale testing for the public at-large, saying it can’t happen without federal support.
Gov. Cuomo says the state is sending 100 ventilators to New Jersey where the wave of COVID-19 cases “hasn’t crested yet.”
The governor also mandated that everyone on public transportation is required to wear a mask beginning on Friday.
Updates from Gov. Andrew Cuomo's News Conference:
  • Gov. Cuomo says total hospitalization rate and ICU admissions remains down.
  • However, about 2,000 new COVID-19 patients were in hospitals on Wednesday.
  • A total of 606 people died yesterday from the virus. It had been in the 700s for most of the week.
  • "It's over when we have a vaccine." That could be 12-18 months. 
  • Gov. Cuomo outlines how to unpause New York. He says testing/tracing remains of upmost importance.
  • Gov. Cuomo presents a risk vs. reward analysis of how to reopen businesses in the state. He says the most essential industries that pose the least risk of spreading infection will get the greatest priority. "It's really a regional issue." 
  • Gov. Cuomo invites the public sector to re-imagine the workplace. Can you socially distance in the workplace? Or continue to telecommute?
  • On New York's "new normal" - "This is going to be a moment of transformation for society...There are lessons we must learn from this."
  • Gov. Cuomo says 500,000 New Yorkers have been tested for COVID-19 in past 30 days. That's more than California, Florida and Michigan combined.
  • "Looking forward to the federal government willingness" to achieve large scale testing. 
  • Gov. Cuomo: New York will be sending 100 ventilators to New Jersey where "the wave hasn't crested yet."
  • Gov. Cuomo says CDC projections on March 13 said 160-214 million people were going to be infected with COVID-19. The U.S. population is 328 million. "We slowed the infection rate by our actions."
  • Gov. Cuomo explains infection rate: How quickly is the virus spreading from one person to another. He says it's currently at 0.9. 
  • Gov. Cuomo says New York, in coordination with other states, will remain paused until at least May 15. He says nonessential workers must continue to stay home.
  • Gov. Cuomo says masks and face coverings must be worn on all public transportation, including ride-services. 
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