Gov. Cuomo to be questioned by AG-appointed investigators in sexual harassment probe

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was expected to be questioned Saturday in the sexual harassment investigation against him.

News 12 Staff

Jul 17, 2021, 8:35 PM

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo was expected to be questioned Saturday in the sexual harassment investigation against him.
According to the New York Times, two lead New York attorney general's office-appointed independent investigators will be questioning Cuomo.
It's been seven-and-a-half months since former aide Lindsey Boylan was the first to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment, causing a domino effect of women to come forward and alleged unwanted kisses, groping or inappropriate comments.
Independent investigators have since interviewed them along with many other employees in Cuomo's office.
"This is, in effect, a chance for the attorney general to learn what the governor has to say, he may give answers that are ambiguous, he may suggest that he doesn't have a recollection of something," says Pace University law professor Bennett Gershman.
Saturday's deposition is under oath.
"If he lies, he can be charged with perjury," Gershman says.
Cuomo has since apologized for his behavior but denied accusations of inappropriate touching. However, the attorney general's probe goes beyond just the accusations made by the women.
"The investigation really looked into the culture, the environment in the governor's office," Gershman explains.
The attorney for one of Cuomo's accusers, former aide Charlotte Bennett, of Katonah, says in a statement, "He will not be able to deflect questions like he has at his press conference. Will he admit to his inappropriate behavior, or will he continue his ridiculous lies and victim-blaming?"
Bennett told CBS News Cuomo never even took the state-mandated sexual harassment training and she overheard a staffer joking about taking the required course for him.
Cuomo's office told CBS that characterization is not true.
"If the governor has not taken any training in how to deal with sexual harassment, it might lead to questions as to whether or not he is fit to be running an office where these types of allegations are made," Gershman says.
If Cuomo plans to run for a fourth term next year, Gershwin says Cuomo will face some sort of repercussions but whether legal punishment or just political backlash, depends on what he says Saturday.
"Certainly, the attorney general is going to issue a report. We know there are criminal allegations that are already on the table, and it's not clear where this is going to go," Gershman says.
News 12 reached out to the attorney general's office and asked whether Cuomo is indeed being interviewed today.
The AG's office did not confirm or deny.

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