Gov. Cuomo says New York City was 'much better' last night amid George Floyd protests

  • Day 95 of COVID-19, Day 10 of George Floyd protests.
  • Gov. Cuomo says there are two separate situations: Protesting and looting.
  • "They are two very different situations. Some people choose to morph those two together....That is not a fact. That is not the truth. That is not the reality of what's going on."
  • Gov. Cuomo asks protesters to remain nonviolent and respect the curfew. He says looting is criminal behavior performed by opportunists.
  • Gov. Cuomo says New York City was "much better" last night. He says the results were "much, much different than the night before."
  • Gov. Cuomo: Least amount of hospitalizations and deaths yesterday (49).
  • Gov. Cuomo tells protesters to protest intelligently. "Remember, the COVID virus is still out there."
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