Gov. Cuomo announces plan to speed up COVID-19 testing

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday a new plan to speed up testing for COVID-19 so results come back sooner.
The plan comes as statewide numbers continue to climb with more than 300 confirmed cases now reported. Cuomo says the situation is going to get worse before it gets better.
"The state has authorized 28 labs within the state to conduct testing," says Cuomo. "That will dramatically increase the number of tests we can take."
The governor says he's also waiting for approval to do testing at national labs, which could increase the number of tests done by the thousands.
Cuomo has now ordered that crowds of no more than 500 people can gather.
Gov. Cuomo says it's not only important to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but to treat the people with it and make sure there is enough medical staff across the state to do so.
Cuomo says the Department of Health will accelerate recertifications for former doctors. In addition, the state is looking to set up temporary hospitals.
The governor says exceptions to the 500-person capacity rule include schools, hospitals, nursing homes and mass transit.
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