Gov. Andrew Cuomo lays out 2020 agenda in State of the State address

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said 2020 would be a "challenging year" in his State of the State address in Albany Wednesday.
Cuomo was referring to the state's estimated $6 billion budget deficit, which has legislators concerned.
While not giving specifics on how he'd address that deficit, Cuomo did talk about a new environmental bond act. He wants voters to decide if the state should borrow $3 billion for things such as water protection and shellfish repopulation.
'We must come up with a solution to the harmful algae blooms," said Cuomo. "We must restore fisheries, streams and wetlands ... We must stop the nitrogen runoffs."
Cuomo proposed the legalization of recreational marijuana use for adults.
The governor did not mention the new controversial bail reform law in his address.
Cuomo also proposed a tax cut for small businesses, but Republicans say the governor did not go far enough proposing issues important to them.
Cuomo will present his proposed budget in a few weeks. Legislators have until April 1 to make changes and then approve it.