Gov. Cuomo: 75% of workforce must now work from home

Gov. Andrew Cuomo held his routine briefing on the coronavirus pandemic and put in place a mandatory action that no more than 25% of the workforce can now report to work. The action came as the number of cases in New York swelled to 4,152.

A total of 777 people, approximately 19% of the cases, have been hospitalized.

In a new announcement, Gov. Cuomo said he will waive mortgage payments for everyone across the state for 90 days, based on financial hardship, during the pandemic.

Gov. Cuomo reiterated that the state is fighting two things – the virus and fear.

Gov. Cuomo says there is a lot of misinformation, fear, and panic and quelled rumors that New York City will be shutdown. "I would have to authorize those actions legally…..I'm not doing it," said Cuomo.

Meanwhile, the governor outlined what the state has done to try to slow the spread – including voluntary working from home, closing all bars and restaurants and mandatory closure of schools statewide.

Gov. Cuomo says the focus remains on getting the spread down to the rate the health care system can manage.