Glen Cove residents oppose new catering hall proposal

Residents in Glen Cove, New York are speaking out against the city's request for proposals to bring a new 200-person catering hall to replace the existing View Grill, arguing another venue is unnecessary.

News 12 Staff

Aug 23, 2023, 2:42 AM

Updated 274 days ago


Glen Cove residents oppose a potential new catering hall in the city.
The city has requested proposals seeking a new tenant to take over The View Grill on the Glen Cove Golf Course. According to the request, the city would like the new owner to renovate the property for special events and dinners for up to 200 people.
But residents say they don't need another catering hall, as The Glen Cove Mansion is half a mile away.
"We don't need anyone to compete with a facility that's been there for many years and has experienced a downturn," said one resident.
The View's lease ends in February 2024. The city said the current owner has held the property for 10 years but can apply to keep it.

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