Getaway Day: 53.4 million Americans set to take to the roads, rails and skies for Thanksgiving

The number of people going through U.S. airports are reaching levels not seen since before the pandemic as people head to see their loved ones on Thanksgiving.
News 12's Antoinette Biordi was at MacArthur Airport as people were hurrying to reach their destinations.
Those traveling by air are facing increased crowds and ticket prices.
Some Long Islanders anticipated delays due to a federal vaccine mandate affecting TSA workers.
West Hampton Beach resident Mary Hendrickson showed up three hours before their flight to Florida.
"I got to the airport quicker than I thought I would," Hendrickson said. "I haven't seen any big crowds yet."
AAA predicts that 4.2 million people will be traveling by air, and officials at the Long Island airport say they are hoping to get travelers to their destinations in time for Thanksgiving.
"We have anywhere from 15 to 20-minute wait times at TSA checkpoints but we are very efficient and getting people to where they need to go on time," says MacArthur Airport Commissioner Shelley LaRose.
AAA says most people will be traveling by car to their destinations, but high gas prices have many people staying close.
Massapequa resident Kristian Hernandez says it is costing him $58 to fill up at a Commack station.
"I'm staying local fortunately, if I didn't that would be pretty bad," Hernandez says.
Suffolk County Highway Department patrol officers say people should expect traffic on major roadways so they should give themselves extra time to get to where they are going.
"Take that stress off you so you're not worried," says David Regina, commanding officer of the Suffolk County Highway Department. "Am I gonna be late for dinner? Are my relatives gonna be mad and I'm gonna have to drive like I really shouldn't be driving."
The next busy travel day for drivers and flyers will be on Sunday when people return from their holiday.