Gay youth center vandalism ruled out as hate crime

Police say the vandalism of the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth?s center in Bay Shore was not a hate crime because two of those arrested in the case used to be members.
Four people pleaded not guilty to criminal mischief Tuesday for allegedly causing $5,000 in damage to the center last week. Police say Charles Diaz, Army Reservist Gilbert Geige l, Kerrond Miller-Jones and Milagro Ruiz broke windows and car windows and flattened tires outside the center. Officials say surveillance video captured 21-year-old Diaz and Ruiz being dropped off in the parking lot around 4 a.m. last Monday. Diaz allegedly had a pipe in his hand.
Police say the motive was spite. The center?s CEO David Kilmnick says two of the men were asked not to return years ago after they threatened staff and other clients. They are all due back in court Friday, Feb. 20.