Garden City opts to not renew lease for Cathedral Nursery School

Cathedral Nursery school is closing its doors after 50 years.
The village of Garden City is not renewing the school's property lease. Without another location to go, they say the school will have to close at the end of the school year.
According to the staff, the Village of Garden City wants the space for the St. Paul's School next door, which is currently being renovated.
Parents of more than 200 kids will now have to find other schools. Some parents say they are disappointed and frustrated.
"I needed to find a school for my daughter for the next two years, I've had some luck," says Juliet Acquavito, of Garden City. "There has been a lot of uncertainty and anxiety because there are limited schools and limited spots."
Staff members say more than 30 people will lose their jobs when the school closes in June.