Freeport officials, community put together massive birthday celebration for widow of decorated war vet

On the milestone birthday for the wife of an American hero, the Freeport community made sure it was one she will never forget.
Nitxia Easy is someone who holds a special place in the heart of many in Freeport. Nearly two years ago, she suddenly lost her husband, retired Army Lt. Col. Norman Easy.
The 57-year-old decorated veteran died on a business flight to China. His 30 years of service have been revered by family and friends.
"He was so magnanimous, so larger than life," says Janine Lyons. "So you definitely feel when his presence isn't there."
Tuesday was Nitxia's 50th birthday, and Norman's friends say he always threw big parties for her birthdays. So they stepped in to make it happen.
Despite the pandemic, dozens showed up for a special parade that was pulled together by Freeport officials. The town's bravest and finest sounded their alarms down Jesse Street.
"Whatever we can do for Nitxia. We love her so much and we're so happy," says Sophia Ligonde. "And she gave us a reason to come outside."
For Nitxia, she received a citation from the mayor, well-wishes and air hugs.
"This is something I'm going to keep for the rest of my life," says Nitxia. "The memory will always come back. It's something so special for me."