Free Ride! Commuters can take Bee-Line buses for free through Labor Day

There is another way to save money on transportation this summer.
Beginning Wednesday, all rides on the Bee-Line bus system are free.
Riders at the White Plains bus transfer station said the free fares are a relief.
"It couldn't have came at a better time," said Michael Thomas, White Plains. "A lot of people are going through a lot right now so I think it's awesome."
The Westchester County-run public transportation system launched its free rides program Wednesday making all 60 routes, the express route into Manhattan and the ParaTransit system free through Labor Day.
"I get to save some money you know times are hard right now so any bit helps," said Rudy Rodriguez, of Mount Vernon.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer said the break in bus fares does equate to a $7 million loss in revenue but it wont result in a tax hike.
Instead, the finanical hole will be filled with better than predicted sales tax revenue.
Latimer said providing free fares can make a big difference in those who use public transportation.
"We are going through a very difficult inflationary time and every government every entity has to determine what can we do to help people who are trying to deal with the rising cost of everything," said Latimer.
County officials also hope free fares will help return ridership to prepandemic numbers and be seen as a way to get to local tourist destinations.
"We think that by having no fares we will have some people who will decide to try the bus again," said Latimer.