Foundations team up to buy PS4 consoles for recovering kids

Kids undergoing treatment at Stony Brook Children's Hospital are getting a much-needed distraction thanks to two foundations. 
The Michael Magro Foundation recently teamed up with The Spencer Foundation to commit to the purchase of 30 PlayStation 4 gaming consoles – one for each patient's room in the pediatric cancer unit. 
"Not only is it just games, it also helps with the anxiety, the stress and allows kids to be distracted from what they are going through," says Jeanine Spencer. 
So far, two wireless systems – at a cost of $300 each – have been installed and loaded with games that are appropriate for kids of all ages. 
Medical professionals told News 12 that playtime for kids is an important part of the healing process.
"There are studies that show that play helps with resilience in hospitals and helps children to cope better," says Joan Alpers, of Stony Brook Children's Hospital.
The Spencer Foundation is holding a fundraiser Saturday at the North Village Tavern in Rockville Centre to help purchase the PlayStation consoles.