Former NYPD detective from Goshen accused of abandoning 9 dogs in freezing temperatures

A former NYPD detective from Goshen is accused of leaving three dogs outside in below freezing temperatures for days while six more were left behind to almost freeze in his garage.  
“Every one of them had hypothermia already. They would’ve never made it through the night,” said Gene Hecht with Hudson Valley SPCA Humane Law Enforcement. 
Officials say four of the dogs are puppies. 
They say the animals, a mix of Rottweilers and Yorkshire terriers, were allegedly left to die outside and in the garage of a Goshen home on Knoell Road Christmas weekend. 
Officials say neighbors alerted them to the dogs’ plight. 
“They were shivering. They were ice cold. Body temperature was ice cold. They were curled up in balls,” said Hecht. 
Rescue officials say the animals were found with no food or water and are owned by former NYPD detective Erick Flores. 
They say Flores tried to surrender the dogs days earlier but couldn’t and instead allegedly abandoned them when he went out of town. 
“This is his way of getting rid of the dogs – letting them freeze to death,” said Hecht. 
Authorities say Flores has not returned home and that they haven’t been able to find him. 
The former narcotics officer made headlines last year when he was arrested in the town of Newburgh, for driving drunk while allegedly suspended from the NYPD. 
Orange County officials say he pleaded guilty to DUAI in that incident. 
The dogs are now in the care of the Humane Society in New Windsor and are ready to be adopted. 
Officials say when they do find Flores, he’ll be charged with nine counts of animal neglect. 
News 12 reached out to the NYPD for comment but hasn’t heard back. 
The Hudson Valley SPCA says it is in desperate need of donations to help care for the dogs – especially food, blankets and cleaning supplies.