Former employees of Blueprint MD say they weren't paid for months ahead of medical company's closure

Former Blueprint MD employees spoke exclusively to News 12 about the months they went without pay and the measures they took to help patients before the medical company’s sudden closure.
All of the employees who spoke to News 12 wanted their identities concealed out of fear of retaliation.
Loyalty to their patients is what the former employees say kept them coming to work for months without seeing a paycheck.
Former employees say they were just as surprised about the news of Blueprint MD closing as their patients.
As News 12 previously reported, the company has offices in Melville, Massapequa and Valley Stream. Patients and staff say the locations were closed without notice.
A former employee who asked we refer to them as M said they lost access to patient's electronic medical records in December.
"I had no access to assist my patients in medication renewals, requests for medications, lab reviews,” said M.
Staff took calls from patients to their personal cell phones to help them with their care. Many looked to receive unemployment but say they can't access the pay stubs they need to apply.
A former employee who asked us to refer to them as B said not being able to apply for unemployment has caused a lot of mental and emotional stress.
"We are denied unemployment,” said B. “We have coworkers that have cars being [repossessed]. We have eviction notices."
Employees say they are owed pay from Nov. 17 to Jan. 9. A former employee who asked we refer to them as J says it’s taking a toll on them and their family.
"I pay my mom's bills. I pay my bills. I don't just support [myself],” said J. “I support my family as well. For them to do this to us is just not fair."
News 12 has reached out to Blueprint MD, but their listed numbers were either busy or did not work. No one from the company has returned our calls.