For hungry LIers, 1 snowstorm, half pepperoni

Snowfall continued Wednesday, piling up on the roads and making them dangerous for travelers — and driving up business at pizza parlors around Long Island.
At Phil's Pizza in Syosset, the crew said bad weather means a spike in takeout orders.
"That red strip across the bottom of the screen that says 'snow warning,' it says 'buy pizza,'" said Anthony Laurino, a pizzaiolo at Phil's. "People are still hungry. You gotta eat."
Customers agree. Paul Materas listed pizza first as he counted off the things he says go together during a storm.
"Pizza, winter weather, good red wine, home, Monopoly, the fireplace going -- love it," he said.
Still, the owner of Phil's says he planned to close early to give his employees a chance to get home safely.