Girl spends 12th birthday helping feed those in need

A Floral Park girl is celebrating turning 12 by looking out for those in need.
Instead of asking for a bike or computer for her birthday, Lauren Avigliano only wants to help give food to those struggling during this pandemic.
"We were at dinner and looking at all the food we had, it was so fortunate and other people don't have it now in this situation," says Avigliano. "So I thought it would be a cool thing to get all the food so everyone can be healthy and safe."
Lauren and her family organized a food drive at their house on Friday, where car after car dropped off supplies to donate to the Our Lady of Victory Church's food pantry.
"I'd say there were at least 50 cars," says Eileen Avigliano, Lauren's mom. "And then people just came throughout the day. They started at 9:00 in the morning, dropping off by our front tree and ringing our bell at 8:30 last night."
The church says they're getting more food donations than usual, about triple as much, and Lauren's efforts is one of the single largest donations they've seen.
"Lauren is always positive with everything that she does, from school to family," says Eileen. "So the fact that she was thinking of people other than herself makes us really proud of her."
Lauren's effort to feed New Yorkers is online too -- you can find her GoFundMe HERE.