First responders, group home residents, employees included in Stony Brook vaccination effort

A mass vaccination effort got underway at Stony Brook University Tuesday that's expected to end with thousands of area workers getting the all-important COVID-19 vaccine.
About 2,500 people were expected to receive the Moderna vaccine by Wednesday. The priority group identified by the state Health Department includes first responders as well as employees and residents of specific state-run group homes.
"I've lost several people that are close to me from the virus, and I also had it back in April," says group home employee Sharon Johnson. "If this vaccine will possibly keep me from getting it again, I will take the vaccine."
"You know, you hear that someone might be infected and then you take your precautions with your mask and different steps as far as exposure, but it's a little scary," says John Snyder, of the Babylon Fire Department. "Especially when you go back home to your family and your other members, you don't want to infect anyone else."
Stony Brook Hospital and University says it's all hands on deck to manage the logistics of the vaccination effort.