Students, parents rally in support of teacher who was fired from Maria Regina school

Dozens of students and parents from Maria Regina School in Seaford gathered to say goodbye to teacher Michael Califano this morning.
Last week, the 26-year-old was fired from the Catholic school after Diocesan officials were alerted to a social media post of Califano and his boyfriend.
Califano believes he was terminated because of his sexuality.
"If the parents feel I should be in the classroom, that's what should matter. I should be back in school on Wednesday," Califano said.
Califano says he was given the explanation that his termination was because of his failure to adhere to parish handbook guidelines.
The Diocese of Rockville Centre has denied it terminated Califano's due to his sexual orientation.
Supporter and parent, Annette Speradio says," The reality is that there are so many things happening in this world, many bigger things... the most important thing should be love," she said.