Fire officials issue warning over dangerous Outlet Challenge social media craze

A social media craze is setting off alarms with fire officials who say 'The Outlet Challenge' is dangerous and could even be deadly.

The challenge encourages users to take a short video of themselves plugging a phone charger part into an electrical outlet and then dropping a penny between the outlet and the charger prongs. The end result is a spark that forces the person doing the challenge to jump back.

Julie Arker and Kelly Forrest, of Syosset, have seen kids do it on the TikTok app.

Both Arker and Forrest say kids do it to be popular and cool, and also to get more likes and followers.

Chief John Murray, of the Nassau Firefighters Museum, says people should never fool with electricity.

"That's something that's guaranteed to either start a fire, either on the outside of the wall or inside of the wall," says Murray. "You're going to get a flash from this thing in many cases. It could blind somebody or burn them very badly. "

Murray says it can also be deadly.

The challenge can also get someone in trouble with the law if there is property damage.