Find hand-screened remote or freelance work with FlexJobs

Stop wasting time filtering job boards. FlexJobs vets jobs before they are listed.

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Feb 26, 2021, 11:14 PM

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Find hand-screened remote or freelance work with FlexJobs
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Whether you're currently unemployed are want to find a job where you can work from home, you need to use a job search that focuses on finding remote work. The FlexJobs: 1-Year Subscription will help you find a promising remote, freelance, part-time, or flexible schedule job. 
If the pandemic makes you not want a job that requires you to work at an office where other people will be around, then FlexJobs is for you. You'll be able to find jobs that are home-based so you can stay safe at home and still earn money.
Here's how FlexJobs works: trained researchers do the work on your behalf to find and screen the best remote and flexible jobs out there. When there's a listing that seems like it would be a good fit for you, the researchers look for evaluations, and if it passes that phase, the researchers will find the best way for you to apply to that particular job. FlexJobs also provides job search checklists, award-winning career content, one-on-one career coaching, résumé review, expert skill tests, among other helpful features.
FlexJobs finds jobs in the following fields: accounting, business development, customer service, data entry, education, engineering, sales and marketing, science and technology, and writing. With such broad job opportunities, you'll be sure to have a lot of luck finding the one that best suits your experience and background.
Those who have used FlexJobs to help them a job are raving about the results. One user says, "I like how well-vetted the job ads are. Flex Jobs specializes in remote and freelance jobs, and the way the jobs ads are properly researched helps add confidence when applying."
Find your next remote or freelance job as soon as possible with FlexJobs. Originally priced at $49, you can get this 1-year subscription for only $24.95 today.
Prices subject to change.

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