Feud between Glen Cove neighbors comes to a head as 72-year-old charged with assault of teen

A 72-year-old man is facing criminal charges for allegedly assaulting a teenage neighbor.
Video depicts a feud between 19-year-old Ali Awan, who lives in the East Island section of Glen Cove, and 72-year-old neighbor Louis Fugazy.
"He told me, 'You better bring out your camera and start recording this,' and as he approached me, he said, 'You're here to annoy us, right?' And he grabbed me by the throat, proceeded to slam me to the ground," says Awan.
Police responded and three hours later, Fugazy turned himself in and was charged with third-degree assault.
Fugazy's daughter Amanda says before the camera was turned on, Awan instigated the incident by harassing her father.
"He used profanity towards him, he was playing loud profane music which he refused to lower, and he made an aggressive move to get out of his chair to have a confrontation," she says.
The Glen Cove Police Department says there has been friction between the two families.
"They've been engaging in this behavior to goad neighbors into some sort of a misstep so they could gin up a lawsuit," says Amanda Fugazy. "Over a month ago, the family sent a letter to various people in the community, including Louis Fugazy seeking a 'monetary settlement' in exchange for ending their harassment."
Fugazy was released after he turned himself in and will be arraigned on the assault charges at a later date.
Neither side sees eye to eye on the issue.
"Incidents like this have been occurring repeatedly in the past, only increasing in severity," says Khizer Awan.
"In the past, they've harassed me and my family, so we just steer clear of it, we don't want any trouble. So we don't like interacting with them for that very reason, and we record them for our safety," says Ali Awan.
Danielle Fugazy Scagliola released a statement, saying, "Ali Awan and his family have been harassing my father, family and neighborhood for months, including videotaping minor children and posting nasty comments about minor children. They are involved in multiple legal actions with neighbors here in Glen Cove. Trying to provoke people, create controversy and extort money from people throughout the neighborhood is their standard operating procedure. Unfortunately, my 72 father succumbed to their provocation. That said, I do not condone violence. Those who know me, and my family, know that the things that are being said about us are simply not true."