Feds: Former Selden Marine part of neo-Nazi plot targeting LI synagogue, minorities

Officials say a former Marine from Selden is accused of being part of a neo-Nazi plot targeting Long Island synagogues and minorities. 
Court papers show 25-year-old Matthew Belanger is accused of planning to commit "widespread homicide and sexual assault."
Prosecutors say it was part of a neo-Nazi plot to attack a Long Island synagogue as well as minority communities nationwide.
They say he was an active member of a neo-Nazi group and was coordinating his alleged actions online.
In court documents, federal prosecutors say Belanger was a member of the far-right organization "Rapekrieg" and that they trained in woods near a Long Island synagogue.
Prosecutors did not identify the specific synagogue - only saying that "The defendant and Rapekrieg members originally discussed 'shooting up' the synagogue, but eventually decided that burning it down at night using Molotov cocktails was a better plan."
They also say the defendant obtained two guns, which were purchased at the Port Jefferson Gun Shop through a straw buyer who is an unidentified police officer on Long Island.
Rabbi Aaron Benson, of North Shore Jewish Center in Port Jefferson Station, says news of a neo-Nazi plot comes at a time when antisemitic actions are on the rise.
Some residents in Rockville Centre and other neighboring communities recently had antisemitic messages thrown on their walkways.
"It's hard to imagine you've got an organized group like this, essentially in public, preparing for some nefarious attack," Benson says.
The American Jewish Committee on Long Island tells News 12 it is very concerned about the news and is calling on the federal government to fully investigate and prosecute the case.
Belanger was arrested on weapons charges. He is being held in Hawaii, where he used to be stationed as a Marine.
If convicted, Belanger faces up to 20 years behind bars.