Fear of second COVID-19 wave grows as social distancing guidelines expire

This is the first weekend since federal social distancing guidelines expired, and as states start to reopen, some pandemic experts worry it could cause a second wave of COVID-19.
Crowds gathered in Atlanta's Piedmont Park and similar scenes in other areas were seen, including in New York City and the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
Meanwhile, other Americans spent the first weekend in May calling for the reopening process to speed up, one such event was in Minnesota.
However, some health officials disagree with the protesters.
A model from COVID-19projections.com says the United States could have more than 150,000 virus-related deaths by August.
"We think that for many states that are reopening that there will be potentially an increase in the number of infections as a result of this reopening," says founder Youyang Gu, creator of Covid-19projections.com.
Some medical workers say they can't handle a surge in cases.
"If we reopen, we don't have the capacity for 6,000 ICU beds, we need to smart about how we reopen," says Allie Nakasone, a registered nurse in St. Paul, MN
As of last night, the coronavirus has killed more than 67,000 people in the United States.
During a Fox News town hall, President Donald Trump said he predicts the death toll could reach up to 90,000, higher than most recent estimates.