FBI: Test shows MI man not abducted LI boy

The FBI says its DNA tests confirm a Michigan man is not a toddler abducted from East Meadow in 1955.
John Barnes went public claiming to be Steven Damman, who disappeared from outside an East Meadow market when he was 2 years old. Appearing on NBC?s ?Today? Thursday, John Barnes said he always felt like he didn?t fit in with the family he was raised in. He said he speculated he may have been adopted, switched at birth or even kidnapped.
Barnes said he began doing research on missing persons cases that happened around the time he was born and came across the Steven Damman case.
Retired Nassau County Detective Matthew Bonora said he remembers the Damman case very well. He said he?s always believed the child was alive and says Barnes? assertion gave him a sense of relief. The man who raised Barnes has called the speculation "foolishness."
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