Farmingdale High School student spreads sweet joy to those impacted by tragic bus crash

Ninth grader Angelica Cottone made chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate shaped paw prints and delivered them to her peers.

News 12 Staff

Sep 24, 2023, 10:06 PM

Updated 264 days ago


A Farmingdale student tried to spread sweet joy on Sunday to those who were impacted by the fatal bus crash tragedy in Orange County.
Angelica Cottone is a ninth grader at Farmingdale High School. She was on another bus at the time and says she watched the crash unfold on Thursday afternoon.
"We all had to watch it. It was really upsetting," Angelica recalled.
She got the idea to spread joy after she received a visit herself following the accident.
"My elementary school teachers came to my house to cheer me up, and I was really happy about it," she said.
Angelica then decided to make chocolate treats for those involved in the crash. This was something she had never done before.
Angelica used her own money to buy all of the supplies herself. She says it took a few hours to make them, but she wanted to find a small gesture to try and make the other kids who were affected by the crash happy. She also wanted to make something that represents the Farmingdale community.
She then set out to deliver her homemade treats to the students who were on the bus. She made and delivered around 200 treats.
She said it's been a good distraction making chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate shaped paw prints and delivering them to her peers.
"It was very hard for her and for all the kids. The whole community has been suffering. It really is a really sad tragedy, and was very traumatic," said Tina Cottone, Angelica's mother. "I'm just glad she is making it something positive, and that's helped her cope. I'm behind her, I support her, I'm proud of her."
"It makes me happy to make these for people," Angelica added.

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