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FAA to require advanced tools, higher certification standards for pilots

<p>There's a nationwide push to reduce the number of people killed in small plane crashes.</p>

News 12 Staff

Jun 17, 2018, 10:12 AM

Updated 2,174 days ago


The FAA is requiring enhanced tools and training to prevent deadly plane crashes.
It comes after two recent aviation accidents on Long Island killed five people in a single week.
Newsday says the FAA is requiring advanced navigation technology in planes, and is also increasing the standards for pilot certification.
The FAA says about 75 percent of crashes are from pilot error, and the remaining 25 percent are caused by plane maintenance issues.
As News 12 reported, a plane crash in Melville killed a GEICO Skytyper pilot in May. And earlier this month, four people were killed when a small plane crashed near Amagansett.

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