Explore the flowery oasis at the new Floral Escape at Roosevelt Field Mall

Do you love to take pictures, videos, or create content for social media? In this Road Trip: Close to Home, News 12 takes you to the new Floral Escape at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City.
The Floral Escape is an interactive pop-up experience with 12 bright floral arrangements that create the perfect backdrop.
Visitors can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays -- pretty much anything, with the unique photo experience.
Each guest gets an hour to make their way through the color-coordinated exhibits, including the red roses room, the yellow and orange butterfly and sunflower area, or the pink station.
Even the floor is an Instagrammable moment, as you walk along the rainbow carpet.
There are changing rooms available to switch your outfit for a whole new look to fit each setting.
Selfie stands and rings lights are also available on site for selfie-lovers.
Tickets are available at the door, but they can also be bought online to reserve a specific time.
For anyone who wants to take home a piece of the action, the Bloomie bar has faux flower arrangements that last forever.