Experience the sights and sounds of American history at the Museum of American Armor

Celebrate our nation’s proud military heritage at the Museum of American Armor on this Road Trip: Close to Home.
"The goal of the Museum of American Armor is to teach the lessons of World War II, certainly the impact on the nation and the world during that period," says Kevin Carroll, of The Museum of American Armor.
The 25,000-square-foot museum in Old Bethpage is home to 45 operational vehicles.
Get up close to the Sherman tank, the iconic American tank of World War II, a replica of the Tiger 1, the German heavy tank of World War II, and the Isreali Patton tank which is a war veteran. And you will see vehicles from the Vietnam War too.
They also have some celebrity vehicles, you may recognize the German tank destroyer used in "Saving Private Ryan," and "Band of Brothers."
There are outdoor displays too, including one about Long Island during the Cold War. And if you want an interactive experience, they’ll give you a jacket and a helmet and you’ll be immersed in the action and in history.
Families can ride together in the back of a halftrack through the wooded trails of Old Bethpage Village Restoration and see a reenactment when they book their armor experience.