EXCLUSIVE: Tony Khan sits down for chat about AEW's return to UBS Arena

All Elite Wrestling is back with a huge card Wednesday night at UBS Arena.
AEW CEO Tony Khan joined News 12's Kurt Semder and Dan Serafin for an exclusive chat about the return to UBS Arena, New York wrestling fans, the pandemic and Long Island's own MJF.
Khan said UBS Arena has been a great venue for AEW to have in the New York area.
"I think the New York fans come from a place where there's been more big wrestling shows and more of a tradition of big box office, internationally worldwide renowned pro wrestling here," said Khan.
Khan called hometown hero MJF a great athlete and great entertainer - and the best young prospect in all of wrestling.
"Outside of the New York market, I don't think MJF gets cheered much. He's pretty much universally hated," said Khan.
Watch the full interview for more with the AEW CEO, including how the pandemic threatened wrestling but couldn't keep it down for the count.