Essential staff continues to care for animals at Jenkinson's Aquarium; doing more social media for fans

Essential staff continues to work full time at Jenkinson's Aquarium in Point Pleasant Beach, caring for the animals.
"With the live animals, you do have to continue to maintain them," says director of the aquarium Cindy Claus. "They're getting their feedings throughout the day, they're getting their normal cleanings."
While the staff works, they too must practice social distancing.
"Now we have to practice social distancing," says Claus. "We have several staff members who've made masks for the other staff."
People aren't able to go to the acquairuium nowadays, but that doesn't mean Jenkinson's can't come to you.
"We did up our Facebook and Instagram," says Claus. "We've been doing a lot more [on] Facebook Live."
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