Escape to Home: German schmear on old brick rehab

Give your old brick a whole new life with a German schmear!

News 12 Staff

Apr 23, 2021, 11:21 AM

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Give your old brick a whole new life with a German schmear!
Below are the materials and instructions on how to make this home rehab happen:
Pre mixed white mortar
Throw away chip brush 4"
Large Plastic Ziploc bags
Drop Cloths
Wooden paint stick
- Most items can be found in a Home Depot, Lowes, local hardware store, dollar store or Amazon
- Other items may be found around the house
1. Wash and vacuum the fireplace area. Be sure to do your best to remove any black soot as it could bleed through the mortar and discolor it. If that happens, let it dry and go back and add another layer.
2. Scoop out the mortar and load into a large Ziploc bag. When loaded about half way, twist the bag like a pastry bag and squeeze the mortar all the way to one corner of bag. Cut a small hole in the bag, wide enough to squeeze about a ½" line of mortar.
3. Start in one corner of the brick fireplace and slowly squeeze the mortar into the grout/joints between the brick. Do a section that you are comfortable working with, perhaps 12" x 12".
4. Dip your chip brush into the bucket of water and start to swirl around, move the mortar around over the brick to the desired coverage. Dip your rag into the bucket of water and ring out so that it is damp. Use the rag to "pounce" on the mortar exposing the brick as you see fit.
5. Repeat and move onto the next section blending as you go.
6. Take a step back every few sections to make sure that you are being consistent or achieving your desired results.
7. When complete, double check all of your corners and edges. You may squeeze additional mortar into any large cracks or crevices.
8. Clean up!
Watch an extended video of this project below:
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