Escape to Home: Accent walls

In this week's Escape to Home segment, News 12's Christine Insignia learned how to make accent walls.
Materials for green accent wall:
Paint of choice (Used in this project - BM Caldwell Green mixed by SW)
1 sheet of 4x8 MDF cut into 2 inch wide strips
You can also buy 1x2 strips of pine from any home store if you do not want to use a table saw
Directions for green accent wall:
1. Paint the wall with 2 coats of green paint.
2. Paint 2 sides of all strips (the backs do not need paint)
3. Layout a general pattern on paper of what you would like to achieve. (Ours was asymetrical and did not require attention to measurements which made it easier)
4. After fitting the pieces and cutting accordingly, nail strips to wall
5. Fill nail holes and touch up paint
Watch the video to learn more about how to make it:
See photos from this, and other projects below:
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